Science loses out to uninformed opinion on climate change – yet again




Why does this keep happening?

Trump tears down US climate policy, but America could lose out as a result


Kumuda Simpson

Lecturer in International Relations, La Trobe University

In China and Pakistan’s coal romance, where’s the love for the climate?


Fahad Saeed

Adjunct Professor, King Abdulaziz University


We are heading for the warmest climate in half a billion years, says new study


Gavin Foster, University of Southampton; Dana Royer, Wesleyan University, and Dan Lunt, University of Bristol

We can still keep global warming below 2℃



But the hard work is about to start

Dams raise global warming gas


A new study estimates that dams produce 25% more methane by surface unit than estimated, emitting more methane than lakes and wetlands

How the warming world could turn many plants and animals into climate refugees


Finding the optimum environment and avoiding uninhabitable conditions has been a challenge faced by species.....

Explainer: how scientists know climate change is happening


Mark Maslin from UCL explains what we know

We can limit global warming to 1.5°C if we do these things in the next ten years


Bill Hare and Niklas Höhne  share their opinions on how we can limit temperature rises

What will the world actually look like at 1.5°C of warming?


Richard Betts explains why 1.5°C matters

Explainer: the search for Earth's 'missing fingerprint'


Phiip Lloyd expains the search for the signal caused by increasing CO2

Climate change 'hotspots': why they matter and why we should invest in them


A look at where the world is heating up quickest and why we need to invest in them

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