Geoengineering (or climate engineering) stories

Geoengineering is a strategy to change the climate using deliberate interventions with the aim of slowing or halting the adverse effects of climate change. 


Geoengineering offers the opportunity to continue burning fossil fuels and still maintain the earths temperature at 'safe' levels. There are considerable unknowns in geoengineering from its feasablity to it safety. 

Antarctic techno-fix cannot slow rising seas


Pumping seawater onto the Antarctic landmass to form ice and stop sea levels rising stands little chance of success, scientists say. 

To meet the Paris climate goals, do we need to engineer the climate?


By Simon Nicholson, American University and Michael Thompson, American University

Can solar geoengineering be part of responsible climate policy?


By Garth Heutel, Georgia State University

Focus on Poverty: Geoengineering isn’t worth the risk


By Roger Williamson

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